Two Boys Kissing: How Our Favorite Sports Photo Of 2013 Came To Life

In January, photographer Deanne Fitzmaurice was on assignment for Sports Illustrated when she went to a San Francisco gay bar, HiTops, during the 49ers-Falcons NFC Championship game. She was assigned to get a photo that would accompany a story about the diversity of 49ers fans. Her photo, above, was a dream shot: Two… » 12/23/13 2:00pm 12/23/13 2:00pm

Sports Illustrated assigned me to photograph the diversity of 49er fans for a story they were planning for the Super Bowl preview issue. The writer had interviewed hipsters, the owners of HiTops gay sports bar and more. An SI photo editor contacted me and asked me to photograph this story so I went to meet the… » 12/20/13 4:02pm 12/20/13 4:02pm